This course develops the fundamentals of marksmanship in the safest, fastest, and most memorable way possible. This course is specifically designed for a professional who needs to develop a high level of proficiency in tactical and life-saving situations.

Course content includes:

  • Firearms Safety
  • The seven fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Mastering the draw
  • Handling malfunctions
  • Tactical Movement
  • Alternative shooting positions

Tyson Kilbey is the President and CEO of Top Firearms Instruction and author of Amazon Bestseller Fundamental Handgun Mastery. He has written several firearms and self-defense articles for international publications and is a certified instructor for the world famous Gracie University. He is a 19 year police lieutenant with SWAT and Training experience and is an accomplished competition shooter and grappler. He is known for a dynamic and energetic teaching style and conducts seminars throughout the Midwest.


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