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*The above mentioned services and other benefits are available to active members. Active members understand that these valuable and effective services cost to fund. Active members pledge monthly whatever they can afford. Contributions are collected on the first of each month in-person or by an approved method of payment.


Thank you for choosing to register with your NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH HEADQUARTERS! TAPSKC: Private Law Enforcement is a private agency employing and training private officers to perform proactive community policing while deterring criminal activity in communities. The mission is to provide the greater KC (Kansas and Missouri) residents with a consistent central point-of-contact regarding neighborhood watch programs, benefits and services. You may register with just your basic contact information; name, address, contact email, phone number. All information obtained will remain strictly confidential and only be available to TAPSKC administration and dispatchers. Upgrade your free registration to an ACTIVE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH membership with any affordable monthly contribution. Contributions will be used to provide members with additional policing of your neighborhood, communicate known criminal activity, and how to continue to deter criminal activity in your neighborhood. Contributions are necessary in order to provide its members with Neighborhood Watch materials such as; window warning decals, yard signs, street signs, participant handbooks, copyrighted worksheets, block maps and to continue to provide an answered telephone dispatch line. There are many costs in providing and maintaining an active Neighborhood Watch, however the benefits far outweigh the costs. We wish to keep it affordable, so we ask that residents pay what you can afford, become an ACTIVE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH MEMBER today! JOIN US!

TAPSKC will follow the guidelines of the National Neighborhood Watch Institute, a division of the National Sheriff’s Association.

Our uniformed, professionally trained private Officers will be actively providing additional community policing as well as responding to your inquiries, alarms and/or reported activity. This policing is to give you peace-of-mind as a resident, and support the efforts of local law enforcement. Have you ever noticed your garage door left open? Left a car interior light on? Needed a quick jump-start? It happens to the best of us. Who do you call? Well, as an active member, you contact our dispatcher. Dispatch will verify your membership and send out an officer to you to assist. If your garage door is encountered by our patrol officers, they request that dispatch attempt to contact you. This works the same for an open car door, headlights left on, or interior lights left on. We are here to serve and protect you, with personal customer care.

As your designated Neighborhood Watch Headquarters, we may group services and dates together in order to obtain discounts on services. Services like landscaping and lawn care as well as alarm systems and monitoring. There are many advantages to making purchases as a group. Working together as neighbors, looking out for each other!

Resident participation is always encouraged. Residents may request to become a block captain, and kid’s safe haven, or even patrol their neighborhood in their own personal vehicle. Once the member has completed their member training, we encourage you to assist our officers with observing and reporting suspicious activity that you may encounter. Communication and knowing what to look for, what is suspicious and what may not be will maximize the necessary for a call from our dispatch to local law enforcement. Our private officers are commissioned and licensed to carry and use tools to safely encounter individuals, and detain them. We also hold the necessary insurances to apprehend, detain and arrest. Us working together, watching out for one another, will improve the neighborhood watch objectives.

Neighborhood Watch IS a crime prevention program, where neighbors “LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER!” Neighborhood Watch IS a crime prevention program that encourages Neighborhood Participants to get to know each other and their routines so that any out of place activity can be observed, recognized for what it is, reported and investigated. Neighborhood Watch IS a crime prevention program that teaches Participants techniques to reduce the risk of being victimized at home, in your vehicles, and in public places. Neighborhood Watch IS a crime prevention program which trains Participants on the importance of recognizing suspicious activities and sounds, evaluate them and then how to properly report them. Neighborhood Watch IS a crime prevention program which teaches Participants how to make their homes more secure, to properly identify their property, and how to “LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER!” Neighborhood Watch IS a cohesive body of concerned, involved, Heighbor-Participants addressing many issues that concern the entire community.

Neighborhood Watch IS NOT a vigilante force working outside the normal procedures of the local police department or sheriff’s office. Neighborhood Watch IS NOT a 100% guarantee that crime will not occur in your neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch IS NOT a program designed for participants to undertake personal risks to deter crime.

*Credit: Information shown above was copied word for word from the National Neighborhood Watch Institute (NNWI) How to Start (and maintain a healthy) Neighborhood Watch Program packet. All rights reserved National Neighborhood Watch Institute, PO Box 4208, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-1208

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